Independence Day should represent thoughts of freedom for you and those you love. Our freedom is why we’re able to gather to celebrate this holiday, after all. If you’re wearing ill-fitting dentures, however, you can’t celebrate to the fullest, either for the Fourth or any other time. That’s because bad dentures won’t let you sink your teeth into a huge, juicy hamburger or munch down on corn on the cob.

Loose dentures also prevent you from having a loud conversation where you can laugh heartily. Maybe you smile with your mouth closed or have to hold your replacement teeth a certain way to speak.

Don’t live every day thinking about your dentures. Celebrate life to the fullest with dental implants. Call 770-802-1120 for a consultation if you want to enjoy any of the following benefits.

Dental Implants Look, Feel, & Work Like Real Teeth

Even if you don’t think about your poorly fitting dentures, it’s likely second nature to you to sacrifice and compromise in areas that we shouldn’t have to think about, from who you eat out with to what you eat to having a genuine conversation and singing with your mouth wide open.

Implants are embedded in your jaw and become part of your bone, so they’re there for life. When you attach replacement teeth to them, either dentures you can remove (but only when you want!), dentures your dentist here has to remove, or a bridge that stays in your mouth at all times, you can expect to:

  • Be able to smile around anyone, whether strangers, friends, coworkers, or romantic interests
  • Speak up when you feel like it, without worrying your teeth will slide or your speech will sound funny
  • Eat hard, crunchy, and chewy foods again
  • Eat nutritious foods like apples that you can break down properly when you chew, which improves your digestion and boosts your overall health
  • Go out to eat or go to a friend’s without worrying you can’t eat anything
  • Being able to taste your food better without anything covering the roof of your mouth
  • Pursue relationships, hobbies, and career goals thanks to your newfound confidence
  • Appear friendlier to others because now you’re smiling wide
  • Look younger, with a more defined jawline thanks to implants stopping jawbone loss because they are stimulated by bite force from harder foods
  • Improve your oral health with better bone, a balanced bite, and reduced risk of gum disease
  • Have a more fulfilling life and possibly even a longer life due to a healthier diet
  • Feel normal without the mental toll bad dentures take on you
  • Keep your teeth in place without dentures or suction in your mouth
  • Look more successful and put together

That’s just some of what our patients have shared with us. And it’s not impossible, even if your mouth is in bad shape. 

Feel Confident About Your Decision

Even if that all sounds appealing to you, maybe you are hesitant to take the next step. We’re happy to answer any of your questions about implants. We’re also here to discuss:

  • How we can keep you pain-free with effective local anesthesia and dental sedation
  • Your payment options, including our in-house membership plan that saves you at least 10 percent on your treatments
  • Patient-friendly technology like CT scans that make your care faster and more comfortable and your results more precise
  • Our amenities, including large windows with a pleasant view, pillows, blankets, soothing music, and a refreshment bar
  • Our credentials and success rates, since we stay up-to-date on the latest methods to ensure you get the best outcome possible
  • Our all-inclusive care – we do everything from start to finish so you don’t have to go anywhere else

Giving patients a happier, healthier, more confident life is why we come to work every day. We can do that for you with teeth implants. To gain your independence from ill-fitting dentures, call 3640 Dental today at 770-802-1120. You can also use our online form for an appointment in Atlanta, GA.