At 3640 Dental, we want to make it as easy as possible to visit our Atlanta office. That includes planning ahead for your appointment. We hope we’ve made planning a simpler task for you with our website redesign. You’ll find information on all the services we offer, payment information, and everything else you need to know!

As part of our redesign, we’ve also introduced our 3640 Dental blog. We plan to use it to keep you up-to-date on the activities at our office and to share tips for keeping your teeth in top shape. We’re kicking it off, though, by highlighting two of the features our patients tell us they love about us.

You Get a Choice of Sedation

We’re all about choice. That’s why, for example, we offer several different ways to replace teeth. Unlike some dentists, we also offer two kinds of sedation. We’ll likely recommend using the lightest form of sedation, laughing gas, whenever possible. But we can also provide you with a safe prescription pill, which may be a better choice for lengthy or more complex procedures. We’ll discuss it with you beforehand to ensure you get the right level of relaxation.

We Both Place & Restore Dental Implants

While many dentists offer dental implants these days, not all perform the entire implant procedure. In many cases, you’ll be referred to an oral surgeon for the actual placement of implants. Then you’ll return to the dental practice after your implants have healed to receive your replacement teeth. We both place and restore implants, so you won’t have to visit anyone other than our team to get a beautiful new smile.

You may even be able to receive implants and temporary restorations on the same day, so you can enjoy full oral function during your healing period. Our dentists can perform a bone graft, if needed, to strengthen your jaw for implants.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, call us today at 770-802-1120.