Invisalign in Atlanta Straightens Your Smile Without Unsightly Metal

If you’re thinking of getting orthodontic treatment, you’re probably excited at the idea of showing off a straighter smile. You’re probably less thrilled at the idea of wearing bulky metal braces. With Invisalign in Atlanta, you can get a great smile without all the metal. Invisalign uses a system of clear plastic aligners, not wires and brackets, to move your teeth into alignment.

When comparing Invisalign to braces, consider:

  • Appearance – The clear aligners fit perfectly over your teeth and are practically invisible in your smile. Many people likely won’t even know you’re wearing them!
  • Comfort – Your smooth plastic aligners won’t irritate your mouth the way that braces can. Plus, Invisalign treatment doesn’t involve painful adjustments.
  • Convenience – You can remove Invisalign aligners for meals, which means you won’t ever worry about any food getting stuck in braces or damaging them. It’s much easier to brush and floss after meals too.
  • Duration of Treatment – The average Invisalign treatment time for adults is just 12 months. Some types of treatment can be completed in even less time.

To see if Invisalign treatment is right for you, call 770-802-1120 to schedule a consultation. If you’re ready, we can start your treatment right away at this initial appointment by creating the specifications for your aligners.

Achieve Your Smile Goals With Custom-Made Aligners

Invisalign aligners can correct most of the same orthodontic issues braces can, including an overbite, crossbite, crowding, and gaps between teeth. Your dentist will examine you, including taking digital X-rays, to determine if Invisalign treatment is right for you. If it is, we’ll make impressions of your teeth and design your treatment plan. We can also use digital technology to show you a preview of what your smile will look like after treatment. Then:

  • Your aligners will be produced at a special lab using Invisalign’s proprietary SmartTrack® material.
  • When your aligners arrive, you’ll wear each set about two weeks before moving to the next one in the series.
  • You’ll visit us every six weeks so we can check your progress.

Once your teeth are straight, you may want to further improve your smile with some of our other cosmetic dentistry treatments. You can choose dental veneers, teeth whitening, dental bonding, gum reshaping, or teeth contouring.

We Tailor Invisalign Treatment to Your Unique Needs

In addition to standard Invisalign treatment, we also offer:

  • Invisalign Express 10 – This treatment is faster than standard Invisalign because it involves fewer aligners. With Express 10, you’ll wear 10 sets of aligners versus 25 or more for the traditional Invisalign treatment.
  • Invisalign Teen – Youngsters 12 and up are eligible for Invisalign Teen. Special teen-friendly features include compliance indicators so you can ensure your teen is wearing their aligners enough, as well as several free replacement aligners.
  • Single-Arch Treatment – It’s possible to treat each arch separately with Invisalign aligners instead of both together.

For Invisalign in Atlanta, call 3640 Dental at 770-802-1120 or schedule online. Be sure to ask about our in-house membership plan! With our Smile Program, you can get any needed X-rays, preventive care coverage, and a 10 percent discount on services like this with a small monthly fee and one-time activation fee.