Restore Your Oral & Overall Health With Oral Surgery in Atlanta

We never want you to feel anxious for any reason at our office, including oral surgery in Atlanta. If you need a surgical procedure to keep your mouth healthy, you can trust our experienced team to perform your procedure efficiently and comfortably.

Our team will treat you with:

  • Experience – Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our dentists have a half century of combined experience between them. Some of our other team members have been working in dentistry for more than 20 years.
  • Compassion – We know dental surgery can seem scary, so we’ll take time to answer all your questions and explain all your options to you. If you feel more comfortable communicating in Spanish, one of our bilingual team members can help!
  • Advanced Technology – We use technology like digital X-rays and a CT scan to plan and perform your oral surgery procedures.
  • Comfort – We’ll help you relax in our treatment chair with soothing background music, soft pillows, and cozy blankets. We’ll numb your mouth with local anesthesia prior to your procedure. If you’re still nervous or worried about pain, you can receive dental sedation.

If you think you need oral surgery, call 3640 Dental at 770-802-1120. If you’re in pain, we prioritize dental emergency treatment.

Trust Your Experienced Dentists for Extractions & More

Our dentists can usually repair damaged teeth with restorations like fillings or crowns. In some cases, though, dental surgery is the best option for returning your mouth to health. If needed, you can receive:

  • Tooth Extractions – If a tooth has extensive decay or has suffered dental trauma, we may advise extracting it for the sake of your dental health. Your extraction will go smoothly because we’ll use technology like a CT scan to check for potential complications before your procedure.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal – In all but the most complicated cases, our dentists can remove third molars (wisdom teeth).
  • Bone Grafts – Once you lose a tooth, the bone in your jaw begins to deteriorate. You lose as much as 25 percent of your bone mass in just one year. Diminished bone mass can make it difficult to place dental implants. We can strengthen your jaw to prepare it for implants with a bone grafting procedure.

For oral surgery in Atlanta, call 770-802-1120 or schedule online. Ask about our Smile Program! It’s our in-house membership plan that covers preventive care, one emergency exam, any needed X-rays, and gives you a 10 percent discount on other services. You simply pay a one-time activation fee and then a small monthly fee thereafter.