Eat & Smile Easily Again With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Atlanta

Whenever possible, it’s best to repair a damaged tooth rather than extracting it. That’s why in Atlanta, dental crowns and bridges are among our most useful dental restorations. Our dentists use crowns to keep your smile attractive and intact in many different ways:

  • Repairing large cavities
  • Sealing a tooth following a root canal procedure
  • Mending breaks or cracks in teeth
  • Strengthening weak teeth to keep them from sustaining damage
  • Concealing cosmetic issues such as misshapen teeth

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Enjoy Superior Function With the Right Material for Your Crowns

There are many possibilities for materials we can use for dental crowns. We offer numerous options so you can find one to suit your lifestyle and budget. Our dentists will be able to help you determine the crown that will work best for your smile. Your choices include:

  • Porcelain – All-porcelain crowns look natural in your smile.
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal – Porcelain is applied to metal for added strength.
  • Zirconia – Zirconia is stronger than porcelain. It appears less translucent, so it may not as closely resemble a natural tooth.
  • Zirconia Fused to Porcelain – This combination offers superior strength, natural appearance, and durability.
  • Gold – This precious metal is a good choice for teeth in the back of your mouth, as it is highly durable and can withstand lots of chewing pressure.

We will numb the affected area with anesthesia while preparing your mouth for a crown. If you’re nervous, we can offer laughing gas or an oral sedative to soothe your nerves.

Make Crowns Part of a Tooth Replacement Solution

In addition to repairing damaged teeth, dental crowns can be used as part of solutions to replace missing teeth. Our dentists can use crowns to:

  • Replace Single Missing Teeth – When attached to a dental implant, a crown will look, feel, and function just like a natural tooth.
  • Support a Dental Bridge – Our dentists use crowns to support a dental bridge, which can replace one tooth or several missing teeth. The crowns can be attached to your own teeth or to implants. If your bridge is attached to implants, we won’t have to remove structure from healthy teeth.

As versatile as dental crowns are, in some cases a different restoration may be a better choice. We like to be as conservative as possible when repairing a tooth. Instead of a crown, we may recommend either a metal filling or a tooth-colored composite filling to repair smaller cavities.

For dental crowns and bridges in Atlanta, call 3640 Dental at 770-802-1120 or schedule online.