It’s almost turkey time! Whether you love turkey day and all the leftovers or enjoy another Thanksgiving tradition, you likely are making compromises if you’re missing teeth. That might look like passing up some foods you want, cutting up certain foods into bite-sized pieces, or just eating them knowing that you’ll have to chew on one side or suffer through the discomfort. Teeth implants can make eating – and life – significantly easier.

We place your implants into your bone, where they fuse with it and create a strong base for replacement teeth. Those teeth won’t move around when you eat pecan pie. They’ll look real in your holiday family photo. And they won’t fall out when you cheer for your team during the game.

Let 3640 Dental make Thanksgiving enjoyable without worrying about your teeth. Take a look at some other benefits of teeth implants below. Then call 770-802-1120 for an appointment in Atlanta. You can also schedule online.

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