Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Atlanta, GA

Going to the dentist isn’t something that everyone enjoys. Even worse, some patients have significant dental phobias and anxiety. Unfortunately, many anxiety sufferers will be unable to receive the necessary general dentistry treatments due to these issues.

Sedation dentistry at 3640 Dental can help you feel more relaxed about dental visits if you are afraid or anxious about them. Our sedation dentists in Atlanta, GA can ease you into a calm and peaceful condition using safe and effective sedatives, allowing you to attain and maintain a strong, healthy, and attractive smile.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

  • Oral Sedation

3640 Dental offers oral sedation, often known as conscious sedation, if you desire a more relaxed condition than nitrous oxide can deliver. You will have a tablet to take before your visit if you choose this sedative option. The dentist will continuously check your pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen levels throughout your treatment to guarantee a safe and pleasant experience.

  • Nitrous Oxide

Commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a pleasant, non-addictive gas that can relax your anxieties to help you more efficiently handle dental checkups, cleanings, and other procedures. Nitrous oxide gained its moniker because it frequently causes euphoria (and can even invoke a case of giggles). The overwhelming sensation for most patients is one of rest and peace.

Nitrous oxide is inhaled slowly and comfortably with a nosepiece. You will begin to feel the effects of the gas after a few minutes of breathing it in via your nose. During your nitrous oxide sedation, you will remain aware and conscious; you will simply feel more relaxed.

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